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Big Rik And Ms. Kisses

Big Rik was in the house chilling when his neighbor Ms. Kisses came over to get a cup of sugar and got some dick instead.

Canndi Barr And C. Diggums

C. Diggums is in his room when his room mates girlfriend Kisses and her friend Canndi Barr stop by. But when Kisses leaves Canndi Barr behind, C. Diggums get's her to taste his rainbow and she gladly does. Canndi Barr definitely melted in his mouth and not in his hand

Zahmoria Love & C. Diggums

C.Diggums comes home from a ruff day at work to a clean house and a sleep girlfriend so he decides to wake her up with his 9 inch dick in her mouth and his girl Zahmoria Love gives him more places to put that dick.

Gee Domino & Thick Zilla

After a long day at work Gee Domino comes home to a busted sink so instead of him waiting to hear his girlfriends Thick Zilla's mouth he works on the pipes but little did he know she had some pipe work of her own that needed to be fixed and she took him right to the room to get her pipes fixed.

Thick Zilla & Dick Stay Hard

Once we got to the shoot Thick Zilla was just sitting and waiting for her young co-star Dick Stay Hard to get there and once he did he went and got really to change up and she told him to come over to her so she could get a better look at that 12 inch dick of his.

Dymond Hipz & Strokem Lowe

Dymond Hipz has bought a new comer to the set and he showed he has what it takes to start a good career in porn. Strokem Lowe showed off his oral skills and his sex positions and Dymond Hipz loved every minute of it.

C. Diggums & Dymond Hipz

C. Diggums is wanted on a Bail Bond jump and Dymond Hipz is the one and only woman that can bring him in and once he gets the drop on Dymond she turns the tables on him and she brings in her man.

Dymond Hipz & Rome Majors

While talking on the phone with a business partner Dymond Hipz shows Rome Majors why she won't be ignored. She sucked his dick and he tried his best to ignore her but once he felt that Dymond Cutter her was through so he had no other choice but to pounded her ass out.

Pandora De'Ville & C.Diggums

Pandora De'Ville is chilling in her room when her homeboy C. Diggums comes over and they start playing with each other and then one thing lead to another and their friendship is put on the back burner.

Pandora De'Ville & Rico Steele

Pandora De'Ville told Rico she heard so much about him and she wanted to see if he could do the same thing he was doing to the girls to her. Rico had Pandora all over the place.

Dymond Hipz & Rico Steele

I wouldn't have believed it if I wouldn't have seen it myself. Dymond Hipz told us Rico Steele was a monster and he came on the set and laid it down.

Dymond Hipz & Don Corleone

Dymond Hipz came to us after her 2011 nomination into the UrbanX and said she wanted to do something that she has never done for her fans and that is to find one of them to shoot with and she found her match in Don Corleone and his 11 inch muscle in his pants. This is a must see because Dymond took on a monster.

C. Diggum & Dymond Hipz

Dymond Hipz wanted to try out a new look and with that comes new things so who did she have in mind when she did that no other then C. Diggums but little did she know he was ready.

Duchi & Dymond Hipz

Duchi asked Dymond Hipz to show him the Dymond Cutter and she was all to happy to do soand that's not the only thing she showed him.

Duchi & Sweetz

When Duchi returned back to the set and his partner C. Diggums told him all the freaky things Sweetz did he wanted to see for himself. Showing off her oral skills and how flexible she was Sweetz truly proved herself and put in some serious work.

C. Diggums & Sweetz

Sweetz challenged C. Diggums and Duchi to a solo scene so she could show them what she was made of so Duchi stepped off set and work she did C.Diggums turned that room upside down.

Duchi & Mz.Sweet Waterz

Duchi and Mz. Sweet Waterz talked back and forth with each other after their threesome and she told him she wanted some more of that island dick so he came over and gave it to her.

Mz.Sweet Waterz & C.Diggums

C. Diggums and Mz. Sweet Waterz got back up with each other and he blew her back out making her cream all over his dick and squirting all over the bed.

Pandora De'Ville & Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect is relaxing on vaction when he runs into adult film star Pandora De'Ville after a brief conversation he tells her his interested in become a film star so she takes him back to her room and makes his career. She fucks and sucks him and he sucks and fucks her back.

Big Rik & Sweetz  

Chilling at home from a day off of work Sweetz stopped by and gives Big Rik a body massage that turned into him getting his dick sucked and him hitting her off giving her a massage of her own.

Dymond Hipz & Mr. Orgasm  

Mr. Orgasm is back and this time he has Dymond Hipz at his mercy and she gives him his first experence with the Dymond crusher and he has no other choice but to cum all in her face.

Pink Kandi & Mr. Orgasm  

Mr. Orgasm is one of our new male talents and in this scene he lets Pink Kandi have it and they suck and fuck each other until both of them cum.

Pandora De'Ville & Shogun The ASSassin  

I waited around to see this shoot, I wanted to see if Shogun was a true ASSassin as he claims and he surely was fucking Pandora's pussy and her face.

Pandora De'Ville & NYC Kat  

Pandora and NYC Kat ate and sucked on each other as if they knew each other for years. After both of them came Kat slipped that dick in Pandora and fucked her like he wanted to do another scene with her.

S.L.A.M. & Juicy  

Juicy came back and she did her thing with S.L.A.M. she took this big boy for a workout that he was truly ready for they sweated and fucked for about 30 minutes none stop and she rewarded him with a load in her mouth that she swallowed.

Johnny Deep & Juicy  

Johnny Deep spoke to Country and he told him how Juicy worked it out with him so he had to see for himself and he did and Juicy told him to go back and let Country know there was more to this ride that he had no clue about and it came in the way of her swallowing Johnny Deep cum he left in her mouth.

Big Country & Juicy  

Okay we realized that there might have been some things we did miss in Country and Juicy's first scene so we got them back in the bedroom and they took care of it for us.

Big Country & Juicy  

Country and Juicy met the first time and hit it off they did everything from missionary, doggy style, oral, pussy eating…Did I miss anything?

Caramel & Charles  

Charles had a long day at work and Caramel was feeling horny so she took matters into her own hands and before you know it Charles dick was in her mouth and standing up at attention and then he started fucking away.

Ms. Pink Kandi & Big Country  

Ms. Pink Kandi is a BBW that is on her way to the top of the charts. There is no position she doesn't get into and hold her own when a friend of a friend shows up to her room and they get it on.

Dick James & Pink Kandi

Dick James has been having problems for the past few months and he decided he need to seek some help and who better to speak to about his erectile dysfunction then the very own dick whisper Pink Kandi and she does just that and after his first session the problem was fixed.

Duchi & Pandora De'Ville

Duchi had just got back in from his trip to the Virgin Island and Pandora was laying in his bed naked trying to show off her new tattoos. So Duchi took notes and he showed her what else she need besides that tattoo which was some hard dick.

Pandora De'Ville & Big Country  

Pandora met Big Countryearlier during the day and they hit it off so he invited Pandora over to his place and they got it in. Pandora sucked his dick like she wanted some type of truth out of him.

Pandora De'Ville & Johnny Deep  

Pandora De'Villes deep throats Johnny Deeps big ass dick and then she bounces on it like she is riding a horse. Pandora shows her oral skills with no problem, working her way to making Johnny cum all over her juicy ass.


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