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YB Stay Hard And Ms. D Wett

Ms. D Wett had just called her boyfriend to come over and while she was waiting YB Stay Hard had broke into her room and took that pussy and she seemed to enjoy that 12 inches gift he had for her.

C. Diggums And Cherry Jackson

C. Diggums is managing a strip club and they are looking for new girls and when Cherry Jackson auditioned she doesn't get the position at first but after she showed him her other talents she landed the new job.

Butter Pecan Mandingo And Cherry Jackson

When Cherry Jackson was leaving her audition she ran into Butter Pecan Mandingo who told her about the audition. She wanted to thank him for the opportunity to get the jobs and she showed him everything she showed the manager she could do.

Mr. Slinky And Ms. Kream

Mr. Slinky has a rendezvous with Mz. Kream to only find out she's messing around with his son as well. So watch how dad lays it down on this young thing. Mr. Slinky shows her where his son get's his moves from.

C.Diggums And Kisses

C.Diggums is mad at his girl Kisses for not telling him what she is doing with her spare time so she decides to get his mind off of it by going in their room and showing him what she's doing.

Kisses And Mr. Slinky II

Mr. Slinky confronts his sons girlfriend Kisses about her porn career and she shows him why she should continue and makes him keep that secret too.

Kisses And Mr. Slinky

Mr. Slinky wants to get into the porn business and while Kisses was waiting for her next scene she asked our producers if she could shoot with him. But he had a warning for her and that was, he has a BIG DICK and he used all 12 inches of it and she enjoyed every minute of it. By sucking and riding it.

Mz. Kream And C. Diggums

While C. Diggums is out looking for some new ass he sees his bestfriends wife ducking into a hotel and when he goes to her room to see who she is in there with Mz. Kream realizes she has to do everything under the sun to keep his mouth shut by deep throating him and letting him long dick her.

Gorgeous Glamour And Poetic

Gorgeous Glamour was waiting on her photo shoot with Poetic the building maintenance man stop by to do some work and before you know it he's laying pipe as well as cleaning out her pipes and he wears her ass out in that studio.

Lynn Blaxxx & Gee Domino

Gee Domino was on the phone with one chick while his girl Lynn Blaxxx over heard the conversation but little does he know she will forgive him but he has some serious pussy eating and pussy pounding to do.

Anonymous Jones & C. Diggums

Anonymous Jones and C. Diggums seemed as if they had some unfinished business from their last shoot and we let them get it in with each other and C. Diggums went straigh to work and she held her own throwing it back at him.

Anonymous Jones & Mr. Longdicher

Mr. Longdicher was getting it in with Anonymous J flipping her and turner her every way he could and Allanah Hart jumped in as a thrid party and she got put to work Anonymous Jones eat her and played with her cookies. While Longdicher did just that.

Rico Steele & Anonymous Jones

After Rico Steele's and Anonymous J's orgy scene they wanted some one-on-one time with each other and they did it all within a matter of minutes I think this scene was hot enough to get them back together for a part two.

Anonymous Jones & Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect from KOP Productions was in town looking for new girls when we told him about Anonymous Jones so he wanted to see for himself and he did. She showed him she wasn't an amateur in the sex game.

Duchi & Anonymous Jones

Duchi is in his college dorm studying when Anonymous Jones knocks on the door looking for C. Diggums when she's told to go wait in his room Duchi takes matters into his own hand and helps himself to the job of warming Anonymous up for him.

Anonymous Jones & C. Diggums

Anonymous Jones came to us as a shy young lady but when the cameras came on she put it down taking dick from all directions.

Kandy Lixxx & Mr. Orgasm

Our new BBW Kandy Lixxx tells Mr. Orgasm that her sex life at home isn't as good as it could be so he asks her to show him what she is working with and before you know it her freaky side kicks in and she is sucking dick and balls then she takes it from the back like a champ.

Midnight Delight & Mr. Orgasm

Midnight Delight has one of the biggest clits in the business and her other skils are on point as well. She shows Mr. Orgasm how her head game is and how she can take it from the front or the back and ever climb on the dick.

NC Lady Luscious & Johnny Deep  

Johnny Deep met Luscious over the phone and they agreed to him coming over and seeing what she was working with and she does definetly that, taking his massive size dick in her pussy and in her mouth.

NC Lady Luscious & Duchi  

Lady Luscious was laying down taking a power nap when Duchi comes over and starts taking charge from eating her pussy to fucking her doggy style. Luscious shows him even when she's tired she can still fuck the shit out of him.

Sexy Layla & Duchi  

19 year old Layla had just got in from a long flight from the island and while staying at a female friends house she wakes up first and starts to suck his dick and after it's nice and hard he shows her other usage for a hard dick.

Sexy Layla & Johnny Deep  

As I was setting up for a shoot with Johnny Deep and another one of our female talent Sexy Layla was waiting as well for her male talent to show up and before I knew it, they both started talking shit to each other and then lead them to fucking each other again.

Johnny Deep & Sexy Layla  

Layla is brand new to the adult industry but the way she sucked Johnny Deeps dick and allowed him to fuck her every where on the bed you would have swore you was watching a pro. Layla told us she is the “Deep Throating Princess” and from what I saw she damn sure swallowed Johnny Deeps dick without gagging.

Cherry Jackson & Johnny Deep  

We called Cherry Jackson and Johnny Deep up and asked them if we could get another scene from them and they agreed and it seems each time they film with one another the scenes get better and better I guess what they say practice makes perfect is true.

Cherry Jackson & S.L.A.M.  

S.L.A.M.  met up with Cherry Jackson while he was away on vacation in Jamaica she was there from school break and they met on the beach and they decided to go back to his hotel and got it on.

Cherry Jackson & Johnny Deep  

While the boss is away work will never get done. Cherry Jackson shows Johnny Deep that files aren't the only thing she could put away, in this office scene.

Chocolate Deluxe Webcame  

Chocolate Deluxe ran out and brought herself a webcam and when she got back to her house she got naked oiled herself up and played.

Don Swagga & Cherry Jackson  

Cherry Jackson came back to us a little more playful then the last time in which she shows Don Swagga her playful side as she gave him a blowjob and then she gave him the pussy and which they both shared in the outcome.

Cherry Jackson & Johnny Deep  

Cherry  Jackson was a young college girl that came to us wanting to pay for some of her credits for school and she told us that this was her first time ever doing something like this and if you would have seen what we seen that night you would be calling her a liar


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