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Ms. D. Wett

After Ms. D. Wett finished talking to her best friend on the phone she started playing with that fat pretty pussy. She nutted all over her fingers.

TopShelf And Hammer Pt II

After Hammer finished giving TopShelf the business in the bedroom they took it into the shower and she allowed him to fuck her in her tight little ass hole.

Sky Black And Angel Eyes

Sky Black and Angel Eyes came and shot their first girl on girl scene together and they left nothing to the imagination.

YB Stay Hard And Ms. D Wett

Ms. D Wett had just called her boyfriend to come over and while she was waiting YB Stay Hard had broke into her room and took that pussy and she seemed to enjoy that 12 inches gift he had for her.

Hammer And TopShelf

Hammer was working his new job at the Kings Hotel and when he seen TopShelf checking in he came up to her room to make sure she didn't need anything. Once she checked him out she realized he had all she needed in that 10 inch dick of his.

Big Rik And Ms. Kisses

Big Rik was in the house chilling when his neighbor Ms. Kisses came over to get a cup of sugar and got some dick instead.

Pleasure Rogers & Johnny Deep Pt II

Pleasure Rogers was at home alone and she wanted some company and who better to come over and fill not only that loneliness but that nice pretty wet pussy of hers then Johnny Deep.

C. Diggums And Cherry Jackson

C. Diggums is managing a strip club and they are looking for new girls and when Cherry Jackson auditioned she doesn't get the position at first but after she showed him her other talents she landed the new job.

Butter Pecan Mandingo And Cherry Jackson

When Cherry Jackson was leaving her audition she ran into Butter Pecan Mandingo who told her about the audition. She wanted to thank him for the opportunity to get the jobs and she showed him everything she showed the manager she could do.

C.Diggums And Kisses Pt II

C. Diggums is in his room knocked out when his room mates girlfriend Kisses comes back to the room looking for her friend Canndi Barr but quickly realizes that she is gone. Kisses wants to see what the big deal was about Diggums and he turns around and give her the business too.

Mr. Slinky And Ms. Kream

Mr. Slinky has a rendezvous with Mz. Kream to only find out she's messing around with his son as well. So watch how dad lays it down on this young thing. Mr. Slinky shows her where his son get's his moves from.

C.Diggums And Kisses

C.Diggums is mad at his girl Kisses for not telling him what she is doing with her spare time so she decides to get his mind off of it by going in their room and showing him what she's doing.

C. Diggums And Dutchess PtII

C. Diggums is going back to his hotel room when Dutchess runs up on him and shows him that she is 6 months pregnant with his baby from their last encounter. Dutchess tries to prove to him it's his baby by reenacting what got her pregnant in the first place.

Canndi Barr And C. Diggums

C. Diggums is in his room when his room mates girlfriend Kisses and her friend Canndi Barr stop by. But when Kisses leaves Canndi Barr behind, C. Diggums get's her to taste his rainbow and she gladly does. Canndi Barr definitely melted in his mouth and not in his hand

Kisses And Mr. Slinky

Mr. Slinky wants to get into the porn business and while Kisses was waiting for her next scene she asked our producers if she could shoot with him. But he had a warning for her and that was, he has a BIG DICK and he used all 12 inches of it and she enjoyed every minute of it. By sucking and riding it.

Mz. Kream And C. Diggums

While C. Diggums is out looking for some new ass he sees his bestfriends wife ducking into a hotel and when he goes to her room to see who she is in there with Mz. Kream realizes she has to do everything under the sun to keep his mouth shut by deep throating him and letting him long dick her.

Gorgeous Glamour And Poetic

Gorgeous Glamour was waiting on her photo shoot with Poetic the building maintenance man stop by to do some work and before you know it he's laying pipe as well as cleaning out her pipes and he wears her ass out in that studio.

C.Diggums , Mr. Slinky And Kisses

Mr. Slinky and C.Diggums called Kisses over to the house to have a little fun but little did they know she was ready and game for everything they had in store for her taking it in her mouth and her pussy at the same time.

Dutchess and White Horse

19 year old Dutchess heads back to her hotel room to only realize she's locked out. As she heads to the front desk she runs into White Horse who's going to his room and he allows her to use his phone to call the front desk while she waits to get into her room she shows White Horse her gratitude. Deep throating his dick and allowing him to do other things to that young pussy.


Kisses sent us a video of her playing with that thick, fat and juicy pussy and I must say she had us wanting more. We can't wait to film her sexy chocolate ass.

Mz. Kream

Mz. Kream formerly known as Sexy Layla shows us how wet her pussy still is after all of this time. Watch as she makes you want to play with yourself....


19 Year old Lala had just had company and he punished that pussy but she still wanted more. Watch how she played with that beaten up pussy.

Gorgeous Glamour

Gorgeous Glamour was doing her cross word puzzle and she started feeling a little horny so she shows us her fingers can do more then just cross word puzzles. She finger fucks herself and leaves you wanting more.


Bianca was waiting in the house for a late night call from her boyfriend to let her know if he was coming over or not and when he didn't answer she made sure she got the orgasm she was waiting for from him. Watch her squirt.


We received an email from this 19 year old named Dutchess and we watched this video and seen an adult film star in the making. She played with her fat pussy from the front and the back.

Haziel Brooks Pt II

Ms. Haziel Brooks sent us another video of her playing with that sweet tight MILF pussy fingering it and playing with it and she lets you know how she gets down.

Gorgeous Sweets & Flo

Flo is going out for a late night stroll when he runs across Gorgeous Sweets walking in the park he offers her some money and she goes back to his place and she gives him the most amazing blowjob hes gotten in a while. Watch Gorgeous Sweets suck dick like no other.

Lynn Blaxxx & Gee Domino

Gee Domino was on the phone with one chick while his girl Lynn Blaxxx over heard the conversation but little does he know she will forgive him but he has some serious pussy eating and pussy pounding to do.

Dutchess & C.Diggums

19 year old Dutchess gets locked out her hotel room and when she looks for help she finds a room that’s open she helps herself to the phone but when C.Diggums wakes up he wants to call the cops. Dutchess springs into action and next thing you know C.Diggums dick is in her mouth and her pussy.

Zahmoria Love & C. Diggums

C.Diggums comes home from a ruff day at work to a clean house and a sleep girlfriend so he decides to wake her up with his 9 inch dick in her mouth and his girl Zahmoria Love gives him more places to put that dick.

Haziel Brooks

We received an email from this sexy MILF named Haziel Brooks and she told us she wanted to be a new face on our site you be the judge and watch her finger fuck herself as well as suck the skin off this dildo.

Pandora De'Ville & Lucas Stone

We had AVN winner Lucas Stone come up from ATL to show some love and who better for him to show that love to but our very own Pandora De'Ville and he laid pipe like Pandora has never had before. He pounded that pussy out with his 9 inch dick. Pandora took as much as Lucas gave.

Selena StaxXx & White Horse

19 year old Selena StaxXx is dancing in her living room trying to get ready for an interview at a strip club when White Horse accidently knocks on the wrong door and before you know it he's part of her act and this 19 year old has skills.

Selena StaxXx

Meet 19 year old Selena StaxXx who's asked to be the newest female talent on the Brooklyn Kings site and I must say the way she played with that pussy I can't wait to see how she handles someone beating that pussy...

C. Diggums And Cin

After C. Diggums discovers Cin taking a quick cat nap on him. He makes it a point to wake her up beating that pussy up from the front, the side and from the back.


Look at what we have here. We was sitting down talking about new talent that was coming to Brooklynkings and look who sent in another video of them playing with their wet pussy waiting on her arrival to the brooklynkings family no other then Hollywood and I must say she looked a little more wetter then the last scene she sent us.


While we were checking our emails from new talent we ran across this young lady named Hollywood who was sitting on the floor masturbating and we can't wait until we can put her in a Boy / Girl scene.

Thug Pazzion, Imani & Niomi

When Imani and her sister Niomi are in their bedroom checking their social networking emails their next door neighbor Thug Pazzion climbs in their window to get to him some and these two sisters show how their parents taught them how to share and share alike.

Chynna Lust

After the bus boy left Chynna Lust was chilling in her motel room filling bored so she took it upon herself to take out her toys and start playing with them for the camera. She shows us how wet her pussy really gets before and after sex.

CJ Strokes & Chynna Lust

CJ Strokes first night working at his new job as a bus boy for a Motel he mistakenly brings some towels to the wrong room but lucky for him Chynna Lust was behind that door and she was waiting for us to come film her with some new male talent we had. So instead of him dropping of the towels he gave her some stiff dick..

Gee Domino & Chynna Lust

Chynna Lust wanted to take a quick shower after having a hard day at work but Gee Domino couldn't wait so he tried started the party without her and she walked back in the room to get her night clothes to only see him jacking his dick so she decided to take a shower after she showed him what she could do with that hard dick.

Gee Domino, Lil Freaky, Cherry Black & Thick Zilla

Thick Zilla called her best friend Cherry Black up and invited her over to the house to have some girl on girl fun when her boyfriend Gee Domino came home with his homeboy lil Freaky and they jumped right in and showed them how much more fun they can have adding 2 guys into the play time.

Gee Domino & Thick Zilla

After a long day at work Gee Domino comes home to a busted sink so instead of him waiting to hear his girlfriends Thick Zilla’s mouth he works on the pipes but little did he know she had some pipe work of her own that needed to be fixed and she took him right to the room to get her pipes fixed.

C. Diggums & Crème

While chilling in the house on the couch C.Diggums was playing with his video camera and little did he know his girl Crème was watching him and she was going to give him something to record and I must say she gave him some serious Becky.

C.Diggums & Geonia Star

Diggums was trying to sneak out the house with the boys and little did he know his Mexican girlfriend Geonia Star had the same plans but when she tried to show him her outfit he ignored her and she showed him the fun he was about to miss out on that night.

Jazzy Lixxx

While we were at the UrbanXAwards we met Jazzy Lixxx and she was just really getting her feet planted into the industry and we told her we was watching and little did we know how freaky she was until we received this video and I must say, I can't wait to see what she will do with some dick in her way.

Billie Gene & Rome Majors

After rapping up another successful shoot Rome Majors interviewed Billie Gene about her oral skills he's been hearing so much about so what better way for Rome to find out if it's all hype or real is to just volunteer his dick in her mouth.

Billie Gene & Rome Majors

Rome came back in the house from running the streets to find his shorty Billie Gene in an outfit that she should only be wearing around the house. After she told him her plans of going out to a workout class he showed her he had all the workout she need right at home.

Envy Star & Rome Majors

Envy Star was rushing to get ready for work when she came in the bathroom to only find Rome Majors in there taking a shower. Once she announced to she needed to use the bathroom to finish getting ready he told her his plans of some early morning head.

Tori Taylor

Tori Taylor was in her hotel room waiting on her boyfriend James Driller to come out the shower so she could get so TLC and he took too long so she took matters into her own hand and she took out one of her toys and pleased herself, but did she get the job done? To Be Continued…

James Driller & Tori Taylor

After James Driller came out the shower he found his girl Tori Taylor sleeping laying in a puddle of her own love joy so since she started the party he was game to finish it.

Envy Star & Rome Majors

Mr. Majors was grading some class papers when one of his student's mothers Envy Star came into the teacher's conference room to talk about her daughter's learning problems and talking about her issues wasn't the only thing that took place.

Ivy Vutton & Rock The Icon

After Ivy came in from work she found some panties that didn't belong to her. So watch how the slick Rock The Icon gets out of this one.

Slap It On My Pussy & Rock The Icon

Rock The Icon was looking around his hotel room for some missing money he won at the Casino and to his surprise Slap It On My Pussy knew where it went. Now watch how he takes it out of her ass.

Rome Major & Kali Dreams

Kali Dreams was chilling in her apartment with her boyfriend James Driller and male friend Rome Majors when James had to go run to the store. And when the cats away the mice shall play and Rome did everything James wasn't.

Neco Suavea & Flower

While waiting in the Green Room Flower and Onyx Stone are breaking the ice with each other when rude ass Neco Suavea walks in pissed that he was on the show to take a DNA test. But after a few moments alone with Flower he lays down some serious dick game….To Be Continued...

C.Diggums & Onyx Stone

Onyx Stone went back to her hotel and mad at the sleeping arrangements that the show provided she expressed it to the manager of the show C.Diggums and once they got back to the room and she showed him how uncomfortable the bed was he showed her how comfortable the bed can become…

Hershey Rae, Envy Star & Rock The Icon

Envy Star was trying on some outfits and her man Rock The Icon wasn't paying her any mind and she knew what to do to get his eyes out of his cell phone and back onto her. HERSHEY!!!! Let's show them how it's supposed to be done!

Demoni Bluxxx

While checking our email in the office we received an email from this New Jersey native named Demoni Bluxxx explaining to us how she wanted to get into the adult industry. Needless to say after watching this video she will be greatly welcomed.

Chynna Lust & Lil Freaky

After being pissed off at the fact that her babies father isn't providing. Chynna takes him on a television show to prove he is the father and a dead beat dad. When the shows director Freaky comes to her hotel room to check up on her he figures its time to reveal his fetish with pregnant women.

Chynna Lust & Deiwise

Deiwise was chilling in the hotel room with his baby mother and after a few moments of playful talk and touching Deiwise has her butter ball naked and Chynna know what they was doing was wrong didn't fight it and they fucked until… To Be Continued.

Katie Facauite & Rock The Icon

While Rock was watching Sports Center Katie came into the bedroom to see if she could distract him from catching the scores on television to hopefully getting him to score with her. Now after getting his full undivided attention Rock did just that and she became officially Rock Bottomed.

Asheerah Silk

After a long day of running around Asheerah started feeling horny and she tried everything from reading a magazine to calling her boyfriend to see when he was getting in so she could fuck and when she didn't get the answer she was looking for she took matters into her own hands.

Rome Majors, Rock The Icon, Destiny Dreams, Moe The Monster & Tori Taylor

While being pissed off for not being able to go to the basketball game Moe was flicking through the channels when Rock called his name and him and Rome walked in with Tori and Destiny. 2 women who was at the game and came back to the apartment for a little bit of fun. So Moe, Rock and Rome laid it down but Tori and Destiny were no amateurs either. And I must say this orgy wasn't missing anything except for a part 2.

Rock The Icon & Tori Taylor

While Rock The Icon was waiting in the lobby of his hotel Tori Taylor just got off work and wanted to surprise her boyfriend with her new outfit instead Rock got to see the fit and everything underneath. He fucked her until she squirted all over the bed.

Rome Majors & Tori Taylor

Rome Majors was at the 2012 AVN’s and he brought his girl Tori Taylor with him and she wasn’t feeling the trip so he decided to turn their own personal sex life into a scene made only for XXX TV he went as far as fucking Tori in the window of their hotel as people started watching.

Mz. Heartless & C. Diggums

After getting off work earlier than expected C. Diggums found his girl Mz. Heartless passed out from masturbating and squirting everywhere. C. Diggums finished what her dildo didn't.

Mz. Heartless

A year after her first appearance on the site Mz. Heartless told us to come film her and C.Diggums for a scene and he was running a little late so she played with her pussy until she fell asleep… To Be Continued

Thick Zilla & Dick Stay Hard

Thick Zilla jumped right into the shower after her scene with Dick Stay Hard and while she was showering and allowing her pussy to relax after that beating her mouth was still ready to do it's thing and so she got him in the shower and sucked the life out of his dick.

Thick Zilla & Dick Stay Hard

Once we got to the shoot Thick Zilla was just sitting and waiting for her young co-star Dick Stay Hard to get there and once he did he went and got really to change up and she told him to come over to her so she could get a better look at that 12 inch dick of his.

Thick Zilla

While laying in her bed thinking about the days shoot Thick Zilla decided to send us a scene showing how wet that Pussy really gets before work.

Hershey Rae & Thug Pazzion Miller

While checking hotel rooms to see what room he could steal from Thug Pazzion found a room that door was open and he took full advantage of if not realizing housse keeping was cleaning up so he had to play it off and he did such a good job he fucked one of the hotels top maids Hershey Rae.

Billie Gene

After reviewing the first masturbation scene from Ms. Billie Gene we called her back the same day and asked her to shoot another one to show the fans she was the truth and to give them a little more for the ones who felt they were cheated the first time around.

Billie Gene

Billie Gene is Brand New to the Brooklynkings website and she sent in a personal video of her masturbating showing off her talent in this 1 of 2 part masturbation scene. We will be bringing more from her to our site.

Dymond Hipz & Strokem Lowe

Dymond Hipz has bought a new comer to the set and he showed he has what it takes to start a good career in porn. Strokem Lowe showed off his oral skills and his sex positions and Dymond Hipz loved every minute of it.

C. Diggums & Dymond Hipz

C. Diggums is wanted on a Bail Bond jump and Dymond Hipz is the one and only woman that can bring him in and once he gets the drop on Dymond she turns the tables on him and she brings in her man.

Carson & Envy Star

Carson is an Adult Film Producer and he's looking for the next best thing to bring to the table for his next project and he runs into Envy Star in his hotel and he takes her back to the room and she shows off some of her best oral skills. Deep Throating every inch of his 9 inches.

C.Diggums & Mizz Luvli Black

Mizz Luvli Black is feeling horny and Rome Majors has to take care of some business and long and behold their next door neighbor C.Diggums need some shaving cream and he knocks on their door so what better way to show neighborly-love then to give him some head and then some pussy. But Rome forgets something and comes back….

Rome Major & Mizz Luvli Black

While trying to get ready to go to work at the strip club Mizz Luvli Blacks boyfriend Rome Majors comes home with other plans on his mind and he brings her in the house and gives her a mouth full of dick and a pussy full of dick giving her more of a reason on why she just might not make it on time.

Dymond Hipz, Pandora De'Ville, Rome Majors & Mizz Luvli Black

Dymond Hipz, Pandora De'Ville and Mizz Luvli Black got together for a Girl/Girl/Girl scene and Rome Majors watched as long as he could before he got turned on and jumped up on the set telling us he could hold his own and I must say this turned out to be a very hot scene.

Dymond Hipz & Rome Majors

While talking on the phone with a business partner Dymond Hipz shows Rome Majors why she won't be ignored. She sucked his dick and he tried his best to ignore her but once he felt that Dymond Cutter her was through so he had no other choice but to pounded her ass out.

Duchi & Pandora De'Ville

Duchi had just got back in from his trip to the Virgin Island and Pandora was laying in his bed naked trying to show off her new tattoos. So Duchi took notes and he showed her what else she need besides that tattoo which was some hard dick.

Millie Carter, Big Sam & Cock Diesel

We know what our BBW can do so we had to put our new SSBBW named Millie Carter to the test and we had her deal with the likes of Cock Desel and Big Sam they both face fucked her putting both of their dicks to work when one was in her mouth the other was in her pussy and she took her medicine like a big girl.

Pandora De'Ville & C.Diggums

Pandora De'Ville is chilling in her room when her homeboy C. Diggums comes over and they start playing with each other and then one thing lead to another and their friendship is put on the back burner.

Duchi & Anonymous Jones

Duchi is in his college dorm studying when Anonymous Jones knocks on the door looking for C. Diggums when she's told to go wait in his room Duchi takes matters into his own hand and helps himself to the job of warming Anonymous up for him.

Rico Steele & Ivy Vutton

Ivy Vutton seems to be having trouble with some of the equipment in her hotel room so she calls the front desk and it seems Rico Steele knows a little something about working equipment and he puts his right to work inside of Ivy.

C.Diggums & Ivy Vutton

After getting off the phone with a company C.Diggums has been trying to work for and after them giving him the run around he gives up but Ivy Vutton gives him reasons to keep looking. Ivy put's him right to work on her pussy

Envy Star & Wesley Pipes

Envy Star was trying to get ready for work and Wesley chased her all through the house trying to give her some early morning dick.

Hooks & Kelly Reign

While waiting in the lobby for her job interview Kelly Reign was approached by Hooks one of the managers at the job site about her treatment from his staff and she informed him they wasn't as professional as they should have been so he took apond himself to make it up to her.

Hershey Rae & Wesley Pipes

While chilling in her office on the phone with her homegirl Hershey Rae got hungry and ordered herself a pizza from Pizza Sluts and when the delievery guy Wesley Pipes showed up he was a few slices short and Hershey desided to take it out of his ass but little did she know he was with the program.

Hershey Rae, Dymond Hipz &Rock The Icon

After Dymond Hipz and Hershey Rae finished in on each other there was a special guest who showed up to our shoot location by the name of Rock The Icon and with both of them being fans of his they wanted to take him on together and I must say Rock laid it down.

Hershey Rae, Dymond Hipz, Rock The Icon, lil Freaky & Mr. Starr

Dymond Hipz and Hershey Rae can't seem to keep their hands off each other so we wanted to see if we put three guys in thier scene how well could they hold their own and I must say lil Freaky, Mr. Starr and Rock The Icon had a chellenge of their lives.

Dymond Hipz & Rock The Icon

While we were still in Los Angeles we ran into Rock The Icon and Dymond Hipz aka Becky Body Bags told him she had the best oral skills in the game and he wanted to see what's that like.

Wesley Pipes & Dymond Hipz

While on a set in Los Angeles Wesley Pipes was on set watching Dymond Hipz giving one of our male talents head and before we knew it he jumped in from of the camera and got the Dymond cutter and he went on record with an interview after.

Lola Skwerts

Ms. Skwerts came to us and told us she wanted to be part of the Brooklynkings team and we told her we were all full so she showed us what we was missing out on and we will be bring her back to shoot with us real soon...

Hershey Rae, Pink Kandi & C.Diggums

Hershey Rae and Pink Kandi had a surprise in store for C.Diggums and when they got him back to the room he had a little surprise of his own as he handled both of these ladies in this scene.

Hershey Rae & Duchi

Hershey Rae and Duchi gave each other nothing but oral fun in this scene and the wetter her pussy got the shinner his dick became. Pounding her out the rest of the scene.


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