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Hooks & Dymond Hipz

Dymond Hipz linked up with Hooks while we were in Los Angeles and he told her he heard from a good friend she had some of the best head on the East Coast and what better way to know if someone is telling the truth then to see for yourself.

Hershey Rae & Dymond Hipz

While we were in Los Angeles Dymond Hipz and Hershey Rae started feeling on each other and one thing lead to another and we watched as we got another treat for the third and final time with a surprise ending.

Queen Bxtch & Slim Jim

We ran across a pregnant young lady that goes by the name of Queen Bxtch that was upset with her babies father so what better way to get back at him but to sleep with his room mate Slim Jim. Jim gives her the business making her suck his hard dick to even making her take it doggy style.

C. Diggums & Hershey Rae

C. Diggums hooked up with Hershey Rae after she got back in town from filming with Pinky. Diggums showed her what he was made of and she returned the guesture. Diggums bent her over every part of that couch.

Rico Steele, C.Diggums & Hershey Rae

After having a one on one with Hershey Rae, Rico Steele and C.Diggums got up with her thinking that there was strength in numbers and they both got it in on her and to their surprise she threw it right back.

Cherry Jackson, Dymond Hipz & Hershey Rae

We are bring you Cherry Jacksons very first girl on girl scene on video and who better to have her shoot with then Dymond Hipz and Hershey Rae and they didn't hold anything back and she was amazed and so will you when you see the scene.

Anonymous Jones, Allanah Hart & Mr. Long Dicher

Anonymous Jones told her best friend Allanah Hart about her encounter with Mr. Long Dicher and she felt like she needed back up and Allanah was there for her from beginning to end and they worked very well with each other and Mr. Long Dicher did his thing again.

Dymond Hipz & Hershey Rae

After a long day after work Hershey Rae calls up Dymond Hipz and tell her she has a surprise for her and boy does she. It was Hersheys time to return the favor that Dymond gave her in their last meeting.

Dick James & Pink Kandi

Dick James has been having problems for the past few months and he decided he need to seek some help and who better to speak to about his erectile dysfunction then the very own dick whisper Pink Kandi and she does just that and after his first session the problem was fixed.

Rico Steele & Hershey Rae

Rico Steele went to visit Hershey Rae and look over some footage she shot for her new company and Rico wasn't impressed with the male talent on the screen and he informed her he could do a better job and she allowed him to put-up or shut-up.

Anonymous Jones & C. Diggums

Anonymous Jones and C. Diggums seemed as if they had some unfinished business from their last shoot and we let them get it in with each other and C. Diggums went straigh to work and she held her own throwing it back at him.

Anonymous Jones & Mr. Longdicher

Mr. Longdicher was getting it in with Anonymous J flipping her and turner her every way he could and Allanah Hart jumped in as a thrid party and she got put to work Anonymous Jones eat her and played with her cookies. While Longdicher did just that.

Rico Steele & Anonymous Jones

After Rico Steele's and Anonymous J's orgy scene they wanted some one-on-one time with each other and they did it all within a matter of minutes I think this scene was hot enough to get them back together for a part two.

Anonymous Jones, Pandora De'Ville, C.Diggums, Dymond Hipz, Mr.Prefect & Rico Steele

They say you have to have the right elements to create certain weather so I wanted to see if I had the right people on set shooting with each other would it be the perfect scene. So we put the team of Dymond Hipz, Pandora De'Ville and Anonymous Jones up against the team of Rico Steele, C. Diggums and Mr. Perfect. Who taps out?

C. Diggums, Rico Steele & Cherokee Silver Foxxx

Cherokee Silver Foxxx is our new Native American Indian and she told us she wanted to shoot with 2 guys and we wanted to test her skills so we got C. Diggums and Rico to do their thing and Cherokee held her own.

Pandora De'Ville & Rico Steele

Pandora De'Ville told Rico she heard so much about him and she wanted to see if he could do the same thing he was doing to the girls to her. Rico had Pandora all over the place.

Dymond Hipz & Rico Steele

I wouldn't have believed it if I wouldn't have seen it myself. Dymond Hipz told us Rico Steele was a monster and he came on the set and laid it down.

Anonymous Jones & Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect from KOP Productions was in town looking for new girls when we told him about Anonymous Jones so he wanted to see for himself and he did. She showed him she wasn't an amateur in the sex game.

Anonymous Jones & C. Diggums

Anonymous Jones came to us as a shy young lady but when the cameras came on she put it down taking dick from all directions.

Dymond Hipz & Ms. Nikita Blue

Dymond Hipz and Ms. Nikita Blue have heard other people talk about their oral skills so they figure what better way to see if the rumors are true than to eat each other.

Duchi, Dymond Hipz, C.Diggums & Ms. Nikita Blue

Dymond Hipz and Mz. Nikita Blue are chilling at the house. When Duchi calls up Nikita and tells her he wants to have a pussy eating and dick sucking contest. She informs him she had Dymond Hipz over and he tells her he's with C. Diggums so they get up and the rest is history.


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